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FAQ - Clinical Laboratory Scientist Trainee

Q: How can I get information regarding eligibility for the examination?
A: Please contact Laboratory Field Services one of the following ways.
Phone: (510) 620-3800
Q: How can I apply for a CLS specialty trainee license?
A: Please contact Laboratory Field Services one of the following ways.
Go online at If you have any problems with the online application process, Contact CPS HR Consulting at 916-471-3506 or
Q: How much is the application fee?
A: $41. The application fee is non refundable.
Q: Can I send my transcripts to LFS?
A: No, transcripts must be sent directly from the office of registrar.
Q: How long is the licensing process?
A: The average license processing time is 90 days, but can take up to 150 days based upon the receipt of a complete application and all official documents. Incomplete applications and documents will be abandoned after 150 days of registration date.
Q: Due to circumstances beyond my control; I was unable to meet the 150 days deadline, can I use the previous application fee towards a new application?
A: No. You have to reapply and pay the fee for any new application after 150 days of registration.
Q: Can I apply for two licenses at the same time?
A: No. You can only apply for one category of trainee license.
Q: I am a non-United States (foreign) graduate, what is the process?
A: You must send a copy of your official transcript to AACRAO for evaluation.
Q: Where can I find approved training schools?
A: Please check the state website.
Q: How long does LFS keep my documents?
A: LFS keeps all documents for 3 years.
Q: What are the requirements for CLS trainee and Specialty trainee licensure?
A: Please click here.