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Application Process

Completing an Application

To receive direct fee payment, the PRA requires you to take an examination. You must complete an application, submit the applicant authorization for release of information form, and pay the application fee. You must postmark your application by the last day of the application period. The application period will begin February 1, 2019. The application period will expire on March 2, 2019 at 11:59 PM E.S.T. An application package is complete if it includes:

  1. A completed and signed application form
  2. A completed and signed applicant authorization for release of information form, and
  3. Application fee payment of $1,000

You must indicate on the application that you meet the education or equivalent qualification requirement and pass a criminal background check before you can take the examination. We require documentation that you meet the education or equivalent qualifications and liability insurance requirements after you take and pass the examination. If you timely submit the application package and pay the application fee by the application deadline, we will give you 10 calendar days to correct any errors in your application from the date we notify you of the problem.

If you fail to submit your application and pay the fee by the application deadline, we will reject your application. However, you may re-apply during a subsequent application period.

Application Fee

The PRA allows us to assess a reasonable fee to cover the cost of administering the written examination and conducting background checks. The application fee is $1000.00. The application fee is due no later than the last day of the application period. This fee should accompany your application form and applicant authorization for release of information. The application fee is non-refundable except in the following circumstances:

  1. We fail to administer a scheduled examination and you are unable to take the rescheduled examination, or
  2. We agree that you have circumstances beyond your control that you could not have reasonably anticipated and planned for which prevented you from taking a scheduled examination, such as a death in your immediate family or a documented illness of an immediate family member or yourself.

We will not refund your application fee for the following reasons:

  1. You fail the examination, or
  2. You fail to arrive on time.

Acceptable forms of fee payment are:

  1. Check,
  2. Money order, or
  3. Firm check

You can pay your fee to CPS HR Consulting. In the event that your check bounces, CPS HR requires that your resubmitted payment be in the form of a money order.

How to Apply

You may download an application package here or you may call us at 855-298-4917 or email us at ssa@cpshr.us. Mail your completed application package to this address:

CPS HR Consulting
SSA Eligible for Direct Payment Non-Attorney (EDPNA) Representatives
2450 Del Paso Road Ste 160
Sacramento, CA 95834

NOTE: Ft. Worth, Texas is the only site for the May 22, 2019 Exam. A "second choice location" is not required (Section C).